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Partner/Investor/Producer wanted for video/dvd production and sales

To all,

I am looking for a partner, investor or producer to help me tape, produce, edit and sell or distribute dvds or online video’s of my programs.  Programs that I am ready to record and sell include:

  • Vital Targets for MMA:  A New and Unique Concept for MMA and “The Future of MMA”.  See more at
  • 1 Lesson Self Defense:  The only self defense lesson you’ll ever need.  See more
  • Bully Proof Bootcamp:  How to defeat a bully using your brains and not your fists.  See more
  • Street Fight Bootcamp:  Street Fighting Secrets Revealed.  Learn to Kick Ass!  See more
  • Rape Proof:  How to defeat a rapist and survive a violent attack.  See more at
  • Plays, Unique Strategies, Set Ups, Tips & Tricks for MMA:  Building a New Breed of Smart Fighter!  See more at

Let me know if you have any insight or suggestions.  Thanks, Coach David Alexander  email me at:  coachalexander @

Sample for “PJ” or Power Jab:

Sample for B.O.B. Training:
Sample for StreetFightBootcamp Index Offense/Defense Position: