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Suspect looked for the most intoxicated girl in the bar!

Suspect looked for the most intoxicated girl in the bar!

CNN reports that Hanna Graham’s remains have been located Saturday October 18th, 2014 on abandoned property 8 miles from where Hanna (a University of Virginia student was last seen more than a months ago. While forensic tests need to be conducted clothing found at the scene matches the clothing Hanna Graham was wearing the night she disappeared.

hannahEarlier this week on CNN’s the Situation Room, with Wolf Blitzer, it was revealed that the  suspect Jesse Matthew showed a pattern of continually looking to take advantage of the most intoxicated girl and he had a preference. He preyed upon blond, preppy, university girls searching for the most intoxicated. He was even barred from entering a local bar for his predatory behavior.

Teen girls take out a rapist

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