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Private lessons available.  I will come to you.  Please contact me for pricing

RAPE PROOF:  How to Defeat a Rapist and Survive a Violent Attack
PRIVATE LESSONS for Women Only By Coach David Alexander (Self Defense Expert)
–Self Confidence through Self Defense–

My system is easy to learn and easy to apply.  My system is NOT martial arts or learning how to fight.  I teach you how to “end the threat” in seconds so you can return home safe to your family or to protect your family, if necessary.  By taking a Life Saving/Confidence Boosting Private Lesson, you will end up with more PRACTICAL and REAL WORLD Self Defense/Self Protection knowledge than most Martial Arts Black Belts have learned in their entire lives!   It’s virtually always better to defend yourself, particularly if you are trained to “end the threat”.  Women who defend themselves are injured less often, are more successful in stopping the attack, regardless of what kind of attack it is, and feel better about themselves afterwards.

So, what are some things you might learn at a Private Lesson?

  • How to Defeat a Rapist (“Rape Proof”).
  • How to prevent a kidnapping or adbuction.
  • Situational Awareness.
  • How to Avoid, Escape and Deceive to Escape.
  • Philosophy of my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System and why it is the best system in the world to survive a violent encounter or rape attempt.
  • Practice targeting and getting “reactions” to open new targets.
  • Chokes & Strangles plus how to avoid getting choked or strangled.
  • How to escape the “school yard bully” front and rear headlock.
  • The Top 10 Fighting Myths Exposed!
  • How to send your attacker to the ground while you stay on your feet.
  • Leave high-flying spin kicks to Hollywood; I will show you the two kicks that actually make a difference in a fight for your life.
  • How to get back to your feet, quickly, if you find yourself on the ground.
  • Practice what to do when your attacker has a knife, gun stick or bat.
  • Learn and practice surviving against multiple attackers.
  • How to escape the “Worst Position Possible”.
  • How to escape when your hands are pinned to the ground.
  • How to defeat a rapist when they are in the “rape” position.
  • How to defeat a rapist when they are in the “rape” position and an accomplice is holding your arms.
  • How to escape being mounted when your attacker is grabbing your throat.
  • How to escape being mounted when your attacker is raining down blows to your face.
  • How to win a struggle over a gun, knife or bat.
  • Learn how to properly use a knife or club to defeat your attacker.  This is an eye opening lesson.  If you’re learning fancy knife or club moves, you are probably dead in a real attack.
  • How to use your environment as a weapon.
  • Plus Much, Much More…

BONUS #1  “Old School” Close Combat WW2 moves that are still effective today.
BONUS #2  I will show you a technique that will force your attacker to release any front side or rear side bear hug.
BONUS #3  I will show you several “Non-Lethal” techniques that will force someone to release any hold.
BONUS #4  Are pressure points real?  Is there such a thing as a “Death Touch?”
BONUS #5  Q & A:  I will answer all the questions you may have concerning Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning or Weight Loss.

Private Lessons are by appointment only.  It usually takes around 4 hours to go through the entire course of instruction (or you can do an hour at a time, if desired).  Discounts available if needed.  Take all the time for yourself or share with friends and family.  If you have any questions, comments or would like to schedule a private lesson then please email:  Coach David Alexander at coachalexander @ to schedule your Life Saving / Confidence Building Private Lesson.  Thank you, Coach David Alexander

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