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Do you want to attend a seminar?  Are you a person that could get a small group of women together (8 – 20), who would like to learn “How to Defeat a Rapist and Survive a Violent Attack”, and could find a location to host a seminar in your area or home?  Contact me and let’s see if we can get something going in your area.  Contact Coach David Alexander at coachalexander @

My system is easy to learn and easy to apply.  My system is NOT martial arts or learning how to fight.  I teach you how to “end the threat” in seconds so you can return home safe to your family or to protect your family, if necessary.  I make it possible for a smaller and weaker female to defeat a much larger and stronger attacker.  You will not be disappointed.  No one should ever be raped.  It is easy to defeat a rapist, but you must know how to do it correctly.  My seminars are interactive, very unique and are also customized to the group according to situations, scenarios  questions, etc… and I guarantee that the information and training I share with you will have you ready to save yourself or family the same day, if necessary.  I also limit the amount of attendees so everyone will get individual and personal attention.  I want you to be so confident in your new skills that you could literally defend yourself if you’re attacked in the parking lot immediately after you leave my seminar.


How to Defeat a Rapist and Survive a Violent Attack 
Women Only Self Defense Seminar Featuring my B.E.T. Self Defense System!

Don’t Be A Victim, Defend Yourself!

Taught by Self Defense Expert Coach David Alexander

Every 2 Minutes, Someone in the U.S. is Sexually Assaulted.
Here’s the math. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey –there is an average of 207,754 victims
(age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year.

It’s virtually always better to defend yourself, particularly if you’re trained in how to “end the threat”.  Women who defend themselves are injured less often, are more successful in stopping the attack and feel better about themselves afterwards.

Do your fellow women, daughters, and mothers, even grandmothers a great service and vow to always DEFEND YOURSELF!  If rapists always new that they were going to have a freakin’ war every time they wanted to rape someone, the rape counts would go to near zero.  Women and nowadays men have been so brainwashed not to defend themselves , that it gives the predator’s free reign to do what they want.

Learn the “SECRET” to Real Self Defense!  This “SECRET” allows a person of any size, shape or age to survive an attack from a larger and stronger attacker!

“My system is the ULTIMATE in self defense.  In my opinion there is NO OTHER system that is faster & easier to learn and more effective than my B.E.T. Self Defense System!”  Coach David Alexander

Do you want Unlimited Confidence?  Do you want to FEAR NO ONE?
Attend this Life Saving Seminar and YOU WILL HAVE IT!

This is going to be a Myth Busting, Truth Telling,
In Your Face, No-Nonsense, Can’t Miss, Life Changing Seminar!

This class contains adult situations, violent scenarios, stories and language.  This class is very intense (mentally, not physically) and you’ll hear things that might make you uncomfortable.  I will tell you the TRUTH about bad people and violence.  I will not sugar coat my statements or answers to your questions, because that would not be fair to you or your loved ones.

Limited Spots Available! Participation Required.  Dress Comfortable.

For more info contact Coach David Alexander at coachalexander @

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