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Teen girls take out a rapist

Teen girls take out a rapist in their sorority house (scenario). In this video you will see a different and easier version of self defense. My goal is to put all the rape tip hotlines out of business because no girls will be raped. Statistically it is better to fight back against a rapist. I teach you to take out the rapist, not just “defend” yourself. If you learn what I teach, you will take out the rapist and survive a violent attack. You don’t need years and years of martial arts practice to learn how to defend yourself. I can teach you in just a couple of hours. Visit for more info.

Sarah from Sweden testimonial

I would like to thank Coach David for this DVD. I have been attack twice in my life once an attempted rape and a mugging. If I had know about this system I would have been able to take care of myself in the rape attempt instead of being lucky that 2 strangers stepped in to save me. I know nothing about self defense and looked around YouTube to see what I could learn because classes in my country are just too expensive for a student such as myself. What I saw was things which looked good but for me would have been too hard to learn and you needed to be a 6ft 10 guy to use any of it, this on the other hand will work for anybody, really. I recommend this DVD to anybody who wants to learn quickly and I mean within hours how to defend themselves effectively and on a low budget.  Sarah from Sweden

New interview out today at

I was recently interviewed by Joe Taylor of the Survival Academy ( and part 1 came out today.  The interview posts will come out over several weeks.  Check it out at:

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